Marie Dubus ︎
Marie Dubus, born in 1995, is a French multimedia artist living and working between Berlin and Paris. She uses digital art to researche relationships between the body and the cityscape, borrowing codes from science-fiction, video games, body horror, and ruin aesthetic. Her work shows the city as a mutating entity, disturbing the traditional perception of urban space. A heavy atmosphere emerges from Marie Dubus’ videos, drawings and installations, although her work is paradoxaly peaceful and calming. She depicts a world where human beings are but a componant of a vast architectural organism.


2018 - 2020  MA Académie royale des Beaux-arts de Bruxelles, BE.
2015 - 2018   BA Académie royale des Beaux-arts de Bruxelles, BE.
2014 - 2015   École Nationale Supérieur des Beaux-arts de Lyon, FR.


Tomás Altamirano, Hugo Corbe, Sophie Erlund, Renaud Lecomte, Alizée Loubet, Lila Poimbœuf, Ambre Quemin, Mary Szydlowska, Tendre, Louisa Trapier.
Member of BMI Collective.


2024 Skin Gear, Le Sample (Paris, FR).
2024 Douces, amères, Volonté 93 (Paris, FR).
2024 xpan 6 mdl.1 audio visual forum, _wig_ Barcelona 8, Juárez (Mexico City, ME).
2023 Berce-moi d’illusions #2, La Tour Orion (Paris, FR).
2023 A hole of One’s Own, Kiezkiosk Open Tiny e. V. (Berlin, DE).
2023 Flaschenpost #3, Villa Kuriosum (Berlin, DE).
2023 Berce-moi d’illusions #1, Le 193 (Paris, FR).
2023 Flaschenpost #2, Atelier Aüglein (Berlin, DE).
2023 Flaschenpost #1, Atelier Aüglein (Berlin, DE).
2022 Local Fiction, Centre Tour à Plomb (Brussels, BE).
2022 Brussels Videonline Festival #3, CENTRALE for contemporary art (Online).
2021 Le temps du feu, Espace Vanderborght, group show (Brussels, BE).
2021 Brussels Videonline Festival #2, CENTRALE for contemporary art (Online).
2021 The mirror and the lamp, avenue Louise 251, group show (Brussels, BE).
2020 Cadillac démembrée dans les sous-sols de la ville, duo show in collaboration with Lila Poimbœuf (Anderlecht, BE).
2019 In between, KomChéTaMère Collective, group show (Brussels, BE).
2019 Landscape, Studio Lab - Cultuurcentrum - Stroembeek-Grimbergen, group show (Stroembeek, BE).
2018 Insecure, La Petite Maison, group show (Scharbeek, BE).
2018 Highlights, ULB, group show (Ixelles, BE).
2016 Island Presents, La Vallée, (Molenbeek, BE).
Los Angeles, Calif.