Marie Dubus ︎

The Walls is sweating

Multimedia installation created for the locker-room of the cultural center Tour à Plomb in Brussels. The videos, paintings and ceramics show the city’s regurgitation through the showers of the room. Brussels’s sewers are internal organs shown in a metamorphosis phase. The Walls is sweating is an expression borrowed to Virginia Woolf in her novel Orlando. The grammatical error is on purpose, it transcribes the plurality of walls that constitute the city as an entity, transforming.

The Walls is sweating was made possible thanks to the kind support of Brussels’s Sewer Museum. A particular thanks to Martin Angenot and Katerina Papadopoulos from Brussels’s Sewer museum, and Stéphan Roy from Tour à Plomb.

Videos : 7’29 - 3D animation
2’46 - 3D animation
0’40 - 3D animation

The Walls is sweating, 2022
Local Fiction, Centre Culturel Tour à Plomb, Brussels (BE)
Los Angeles, Calif.