Marie Dubus ︎

NoClip is a video made from 3D scans of Berlin’s U-bahn station. Following the narrator inside the city’s underground, the viewer is invited to explore the metro’s tunnels, or at least their virtual double. As the narrator goes more in the depth of the underground, they notice the fusion between the space and a body. Here, the tunnels are labyrinth for the mind to wonder, as well as viscera for the body to be close to itself.

In collaboration with:
Tomás Altamirano (composition and sound design)
Pola Szymczak (vocals)



Video : 11’26 - 3D animation

NoClip, 2023 Berce-moi d’illusions #1, Le 193 , Le Prè-Saint-Gervais (FR)
Los Angeles, Calif.